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Educational Dance Programs, Assemblies & Artist Residencies


dancing tehani kids library program


The purpose of these programs is not only to advocate understanding of  performance art through cultural history, but also to highlight the  importance and influence performance has on society today.

These multidisciplinary presentations focus on performance art as a universal language, connecting people by transcending all color lines and social barriers.

All educational dance performances and presentations integrate two or more  subjects (including history, environmental science, social science and  music theory).

All artist residencies meet the Visial And Performing Arts (VAPA) Content  Standards for each grade level in the state of California.

With a strong emphasis on Human Relations Education and Cultural  Anthropology, these programs promote the importance of cultivating  global community through solidarity and challenge participants to step  out of preconceived notions and stereotypes (from hip hop to hula)  through active learning and participation.

Entertaining, engaging and inspiring, performances and programs are available for all ages.



These world performance art educational trainings are available to K-12 teachers and also as professional development for social workers and other healthcare professionals.  Visit the Contact page to request a brochure on these workshops and seminars. 



*For information on educational presentations for adults please visit Art Talks page*

**Move Your World: Dance and Culture Around the Globe**

Fly around the world with Performance and Dance Anthropology!  See how art  and performance reveals social, political, historical and environmental  influences on cultures and its people.  A variety of dance implements  and world music demonstrated.  Audience participation.

**A Glimpse of the Pacific: The Dances of Polynesia.**

Island hop with Tehani! Learn about the dances and rhythms from the islands of Polynesia. Programs covers the geography and culture of the seven  islands of Polynesia: Hawaii, Samoa, Aotearoa (New Zealand), Fiji,  Tahiti, Tonga and Marquesas. A talk on the purposes of these dances  within their cultural framework. Audience participation.

**Baila!: Latin Dance’s African Roots and History Step by Step**

Learn a rich history with fascinating origins while dancing the steps of  popular Latin American dances.  Completely participatory and for all  ages, “Baila!” has been the most popular dance program for adults.

**Zaghareet & Shimmy: The World’s Oldest Dance Form and its Evolution**

Learn the history, origins and evolution of belly dance in the United States  and around the world today with the Fusion Champion of the Belly Dancer  of the Universe Competition, Tehani! Program covers Danse Orientale,  Tribal (ATS) and Fusion styles and includes performances of with dance  implements including (but not limited to) zills (cymbals), veil and  sword.

**Hula Kahiko: Hawaiian Myth and Ancient Dance**

Learn the history, culture and legends behind hula kahiko: an ancient dance and tradition of the Hawaiian islands.

**Hip Hop As Culture & Social Movement**

There is so much more to hip hop than meets the eye.  Explore the origins and history of hip hop as a social movement as well as its popular  derivatives.  Guest artists join Tehani in this presentation for a  special workshop on culture and movement.  *this presentation is primarily a dance workshop



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