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“Mission accomplished... I feel my words are an injustice to the reality of her work - it can’t be described, it has to be felt... a pure genuine person who wants to help.  Responding to her on this website changed my life.” ~Paul T.

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“What an amazing spirit and  intuitive healer. I am looking forward to another session in the future, had helped set me on my healing path. Thank you, Tehani!” ~Emily M.


Shamanic Integrated Reiki Energy Healing & Frequency Channeling

One & a Half Hour (1.5hr) Full Reiki Energy Healing Session & Channeling: $120

One Hour Personalized Intuitive/Psychic Development Session: $120

Advanced Metaphysics and Energy Healing Training, One 1.5hr Session Monthly: $400/3 months

Power Season Pack, Monthly 1.5hr Full Reiki Energy Healing Session & Channeling: $300/3 months

One Hour Individual Ritual & Channeling Session: $200

Spiritual Detox Program, Weekly 40min Chakra Clearings & Channeled Information: $320/1 month

*$15 Discount Available for Seniors, Students & Clients with Cancer/Chronic Conditions.

**Discount Available for the Tribe: Colleagues, Returning Clients and Students


Become Certified as a Reiki Practitioner!

Certification in Levels I (practitioner), II (advanced practitioner) and III (mastership).

All Levels Include: history, philosophy, methodology, hands-on practice, attunements, workbook and continued support. 


Level One: $350 (approximately 8 hours, over two separate days)

Level Two: $450 (approximately 10 hours, over three separate days)

Level Three: $800 (7-day training, includes Reiki Mastership Certification and advanced metaphysics)

Please call 562.230.9194 to schedule an individual or small group course. 


Sacred Dance

Please visit the Sacred Dance page on this site. 


Holistic Healing & Spiritual Development Events and Workshops in OC/LA Counties



Tehani’s Spiritual Videos Available on YouTube (and International Starseed Network)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUOoMmUkQSY (click)


About Reiki Master Tehani

Tehani is a top Reiki Master (ranked within the Top 3 in Los Angeles by Thumbtack), shamanic healer with training at their source origins in over a dozen countries, sacred dancer with both the education in neuroscience behind social emotional arts and training in movement rituals around the globe, a world champion performer, published writer, clear channel for the Extra-Dimensional Realms and the creator of the Sacred Spirit Dancer’s Method dedicated to serving the planet and humanity through her joy of service. 

As a natural empath and psychic medium, Tehani utilizes both her crystal clear communication style and creative background to provide her clients with not only the insight to view the picture of their lives from a perspective of self-love and empowerment, but she provides the practical advice and tools required to paint their highest visions of themselves into reality.

Specializing in trance channeling, mediumship, earth and sky healing work, mysticism, movement meditation, star being connections, interdimensional communication, soul current and past life connections, hands-on healing training, rites of passage, ritual, coaching and spiritual counseling.  Tehani delivers messages from Spirit in a style that is compassionately straightforward, heart-centered and empowering.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a non-invasive healing modality that can be used to heal the root cause of symptoms for all ailments* as well as balance chakras and cleanse the aura while reducing pain and discomfort on all levels. Receivers of Reiki are given a “boost” in spiritual growth.

Emotional/mental healing can be attained as well through affirmations and power symbols used by an advanced level practitioner.

Reiki, much like Tai Chi, is a vehicle for Universal Energy to gently enter the body and intuitively be applied where needed for holistic well-being.

*In Western medicine, symptoms are often treated without acknowledging the root of the ailment. In Reiki, healing (which is the alleviation of pain and dis-ease) involves sending energy to the source of the ailment - not necessarily curing, though both healing and curing (in the Western sense) occurs in some cases.


Why Get a Reiki Healing?

-Alleviate Pain and Discomfort

-Release Energy Blocks

-Receive Emotional or Mental Healing

-Spiritual Acceleration

-Relax and Reduce Stress

-Feel Balanced and Rejuvenated

-Balance Your Energy

-Help in Overcoming Stressful Life Situations through Affirmations


Would I Have to Drive Far for a Session?

Absolutely not! If it’s too inconvenient to drive out to Long Beach, I’ll come to you! I’m portable and so is my massage table - all you would need is a quiet peaceful space in your home for a session and the rest will be provided. For locations outside of a 15-mile radius from Long Beach, a minimal $15 gas fee is required.



“Tehani helped my understanding of Oneness through Reiki...I became a Reiki Level I Practitioner in two sessions.  She is amazing - super friendly, caring, self-aware, loving, full of worldly knowledge/wisdom and shares her stories in her teachings.  She is always available to talk whenever needed and is flexible with her classes and wants everyone to be included that wants to be included.  I highly recommend Tehani’s Reiki School.”  ~Erika Y.


“She is amazing!” ~Kenneth B.


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