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Dancing Tehani Entertainment - Other Forms

Fire Shows, Strolling Entertainment, Choreography, Portrait Modeling, etc


Strolling Entertainment/Atmosphere Entertainment

Solo Performer

Moving performances throughout your event (through crowd or as background)

Done in 15-30min sets (depending on dance form) with 5min break between sets.


Tehani’s Full Fire Show

Solo Performer

Various fire performances (including fan, poi, staff)

20 min. show


The Around-The-World Show

Solo Performer

Dances from Polynesia, Latin America, Middle East and Contemporary America

Includes Audience Participation

30-45 min.

*add fire performance for $50


Live “Draped” Portrait/Figure Modeling

Live portrait model for painting workshops.  Locked-in pose 30-40min sets at a time. 

2 hour minimum for booking. 


Live Gypsy Tarot/Psychic Card Reader

Live in-person card readings available for your public/private event.  Available as regular readings or with “gypsy” style clothing/decorated table to fit your event needs and theme. 

2 hour minimum for booking. 



Great addition to any event to keep the energy high. 


Band Sets - Improvisation and Choreography

Great addition to a variety of musical performances. 

Rates vary.  Please call for more information.


Educational Entertainment (all ages)

Please visit Educational Programs (click) for more information.


Choreography Work

Please visit Classes (click) for more information.


Additional Entertainment Needs: Bands/DJs/Catering, etc.

Please call for professional and local referrals. 




*All DancingTehani Entertainment, Programs, Events & Classes are COMPLETELY Insured*          Dancing Tehani.com  P.O. Box 15653  Long Beach, CA 90815  DancingTehani@gmail.com                            LAST UPDATE:08/30/16