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DT Productions

Here are some of my favorite Past and Present Projects at DT Productions... Please check back on the “Events 2015” (click) page and the Dancing Tehani Facebook Page (click) for updates on current projects/productions.  In addition to these projects listed below, I’ve done a myriad of one-woman shows, dance company luaus and haflas, dance education nights (ie “This is Belly Dance”) and interactive performance art installments (ie Skirball Cultural Center performances at the exit of the Ark Exhibition and the Mayan Jazz Opera performance collaboration at the MoLAA)... but these are my favorite and best productions listed here.  It has been in absolute joy and incredible fulfillment that I have produced and collaborated on these events over the years.  This is my favorite part of my work: the community!  Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey!!!  xoxo


Artists for Action 2007-2014: Creator, Producer, Director, Performer


Watch Past Performances Here: http://www.youtube.com/user/AFAcollaborative 

Artists for Action was an independent project I started in 2007 that later became a fiscally sponsored project of Catalyst (a 501c3 non-profit in Long Beach) where I worked very closely with the incomparable Micky Salatino (of Aldana Mica) to grow and expand our vision to serve our communities through a unique blend of entertaining performance, visual art, education and action-oriented activism.  I believe that these events are generally attended by those who are “in the know” and I wanted to reach people who would be inspired and challenged by the information presented.  We decided to make this event free and open to the public at our last “Evening of Artivists,” leaving our doors wide open to reach everyone who was willing to hear, see and feel what was going on in our communities.  In 2013 (when we collaborated with Catalyst Network of Communities in Long Beach), we changed the format of our event to include a forum composed of the audience members to brainstorm and create feasible solutions to our community’s most silent issues.  It was one of the most powerful events I’ve ever done and I sure miss it.  There are videos of past performances on the DT Video (click) page for your enjoyment.  We have featured artists from all walks of life and media showcasing work coming from an authentic place.  Artists for Action artists were required to have a personal and/or professional connection to their subject matter.  It was such an amazing experience, I look forward to bringing this showcase back to life again in the near future.  Maybe 2018... We’ll see! 


Vaude-Nouveau 2011-2012: Creator, Producer, Director, Performer, Emcee

vd flier jpegvaudenouveau -jeff tgvaude-nouveau tehani and chazz

Watch Past Performances Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N243yf5mO0o

Vaude-Nouveau was the most fun I’ve ever had at a summer gig.  Opening night was electric, every week we had a new world champion/international performer, an opening act (that we agreed SHOULD be an international artist) and something new from yours truly.  It stretched me artistically, physically, professionally and it felt amazing!  We had a great run, wonderful press and fabulous performers... Then I got tired hehe.  Every week for 12 weeks was intense, but we went out with a bang and I have no regrets.  We retired the show in late 2012 and when Art Snyder (the former owner of Don’s in Huntington Beach) passed, I decided to take a break from this production (discontinue the series planned for 2013) and just keep it in my back pocket until it was time to bring it back out again.  I LOVED doing this show!  We featured percussionist extraordinaire Chazz-ma-tazz Ross, beatboxing flautist and actor Makinto, innovative Comedy Central comedian/writer Jaz Kaner, the incomparable Buster Balloon, the hilarious Jeff Schwartz and so many others!  There were regular fire performances by Miss Tehani, too!  Loved this show... It was today’s version of Vaudeville... It was so high-caliber out-of-the-box LIVE PERFORMANCE and it will be back!!!


The Artists’ Feast 2012: Developer, Producer, Facilitator

IMG_0845 artists feastIMG_0833 artists feastIMG_0824 artists feast

Watch Winner David Geathers’ Project Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RW37BGJ1Nl4

The Artists’ Feast was inspired by my participation in a similar Sunday Soup Network event called the “Artists Bailout” at the Last Bookstore in Los Angeles.  I was on the Board of Directors for CALB (the Cultural Alliance of Long Beach, a 501c3 non-profit) at the time and am proud to say I was the only board member to give away money to artists, from artists, for artists through my self-sustaining well-funded community grant program.  I was very familiar with the micro-grant program through the Arts Council for Long Beach and with grant writing (I received my first grant  at the age of 18 from the California Associaion for the Gifted, and have been writing grants ever since) at that point in my career and I wanted to make funding more accessible to the artists community in a more entertaining and engaging way.  So! I created the “Artists’ Feast” that promoted the literal breaking of bread between artists (as the majority of art is created in isolation, it is important to have a space for artists to network and collaborate) and exchange of ideas.  This performance/presentation-oriented community grant cost no money from the board, was completely self-sustainable and monetarily rewarded artists (based on votes by fellow artists) for their ingenuity and talent.  This event’s funds were awarded to David Geathers, an awesome local artist to continue his wonderful work.  I resigned from the Board of Directors for CALB the following year, but I welcome any remaining members to pick up the cause and continue these community micro-grants.  It was well-received and the artists (myself included) loved it.  I’d love to see this type of event come back to Long Beach.  If you’re interested in facilitating this event for the community, please give me a call.  I’d love to keep this going and would be happy to hand it over to a person who is just as enthusiastic about this project as I am.  Great times. 


The Red Tent Movement & Selkie Meetings 2014-Present: Facilitator

Red Tent PhotosRed Tent Photos (6)Red Tent Photos (3)1

Learn About the Red Tent Movement Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQijq5Swd7A

Encountering the Red Tent Movement was a very profound and deeply spiritual moment in my life.  I have always felt that in a patriarchal society in which women are both embracing and expected to embody their own androgyny, we’ve somehow lost that sense of solidarity with each other AS WOMEN.  The Red Tent was the safe space I’ve always wanted and wished for in my adult life, and I felt called to bring it to other women in my own community.  I’ve developed my personal version of the Red Tent for my own community tribe I’ve started to call “Selkie” meetings, based on the myth/legend of the selkie that surrounded the importance of authenticity...of showing up as you are wherever you are without fear.  It is my belief that women can only fully experience KNOWING what it means to be female among females when men find that safe space to dialogue and gather as well.  I hope a movement for men ignites and takes off the way it has for us women over the years.  Then and only then will we be able to embrace our androgyny and equality and beautiful innate qualities together.  C’mon, men!  I’d love for men to experience their version of the Red Tent.  Until then, I enjoy facilitating this event wherever and whenever I am called.  I am currently (Summer 2015, the time of this website update) in the process of incorporating cathartic movement/dance meditation into a Red Tent -inspired program for the Long Beach Rescue Mission, A Window Between Worlds in Venice Beach and potentially the Women’s Resource Center at CSULB.  It is a regular event I facilitate at wellness centers in Southern California and I am so excited to be bringing it to the communities that need it most.  I love the Red Tent.


Lecture Series w/Gregorio Luke 2012-Present: Performer, Collaborator


Visit Gregorio Luke’s Work Here: www.gregorioluke.com

Watch a Clip from the CECUT Show Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7KGqgPbcH8&feature=youtu.be&t=3m13s

I met Gregorio Luke through John Malveaux in 2012, which led to a fun artistic adventure and friendship that I really wasn’t expecting.  Usually, I collaborate with other artists/lecturers, we do our gig, and that’s that.  Gregorio provided a space for me to collaborate and stretch artistically on concepts and themes I’ve never previously explored.  It has been a wonderful collaboration of shared resources, complementing talents and a trusting friendship.  Our first team effort was at the Long Beach Playhouse and our most recent at the CECUT in Mexico for a lecture on Covarrubias.  He is one of the few lecturers who sincerely understands dancers as his mother is a prolific and renowned dancer/choreographer in Mexico.  I continue to work with Gregorio on projects whether it involves developing dance sequences to enhance his presentations, recruiting other performances artists or simply providing my services for his organization ARCOS.  I’m very grateful to be working with such a creative soul who has taken lectures to a completely new innovative level.  It’s been an amazing experience working with the creative vision of Mr. Luke and I’m looking forward to our next adventure at UNAM, the university in Mexico City. 



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