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Books & Articles

by Jennifer Tehani Sarreal



sarreal visions

SARREAL VISIONS: Reflections & Journeys

Book available on Amazon: SARREAL VISIONS (click here)

Would you like a signed copy?  Email DancingTehani@gmail.com

**Proceeds from sales benefit the Josef Sarreal Project/Artists for Action**


We Love You, Joe: A Tribute

On January 18, 2009, the one year anniversary of my father’s death, I edited and bounded We Love You, Joe: A Tribute in limited numbers. The book is a compilation of stories written by  friends and family of my father.  Both pdf and hardcopies are available upon request.




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“A Story in Exile: The Memoirs of Judyth Vary Baker” (RLN 11.29.13)

This article took a little more research than I had originally anticipated, but it was well worth the work.  We have to scream in the silence where we can, question the official story when something doesn’t feel right and honor our dead with as much integrity and truth we can find.  50 years after the JFK Assassination, I felt this was an appropriate subject.

A Story In Exile. Jennifer Tehani Sarreal. RLN. (word doc)


“Long Beach Riot Grrrl Takes Back the Fight” (RLN 10.31.13)

I wrote this column hoping to promote the awesome work Riot Grrrl is doing in Long Beach.  I had no idea it would inspire such an angry letter to the editor.  But! I stand by my words and the subjects of my work.  I look forward to attending, supporting and writing about more events like these.  Criticism is only more fuel for the fire.  We must speak our truth.



The Yellow Dog Project (Printed in Random Lengths News October 2013)

This is a bit of an emotional plea for dog owners to be more conscientious of space and energy.  I really hope this catches on.  “Dog friendly” should imply “dog safe,” too.

The Yellow Dog Project Op-Ed (word doc)


A Short Thank You to Long Beach (The Grunion Gazette 7.18.13)

I wrote a Letter to the Editor regarding an incident at the beach here in Belmont Shore and thought it is not an actual article, it was still printed and wanted to share this story with you nonetheless.  I hope what is written here will remind locals (particularly dog owners) of the importance of community, responsibility and of compassion.  We need to step outside of our own worlds and start living in the one we all share.  I love my Bella, and I am so grateful to the community and the beautiful souls who helped us through a horrific incident.



“Sacred Source Origins Series” (The Chronicles April 2007)

This article is very special to me as it is my very first article - ever!  Still my favorite. I actually started and finished writing this article  during down time while volunteering at a summer camp for special adults  up in the mountains in San Diego. This is the final draft. I will  replace my final draft on Microsoft Word with a pdf of the actual  magazine soon. Again, thank you for your patience...

"Sacred Source Origins Series" The Chronicles Magazine, April 2007


“The Evolution of Fusion...” (Zaghareet! Magazine January 2008)

A cover article (yay!) published in Zaghareet! magazine January 08. You can read my final draft here... I am not pleased with the printed version. Details below.

**It is enormously upsetting to announce that after recently receiving the  Zaghareet magazine article, the main subject of my writing has decided  to edit in her own information and words (under my name!) without my  knowledge. This was not only unprofessional but incredibly  disrespectful. It is very shameful that ego and self-promotion would  override ethics and courtesy. It is also disappointing that Zaghareet! would allow such bold and grammatically incorrect sentences and words to be  added in without my knowledge. This is the first and last article I will ever write for this magazine. Please read this Microsoft Word version  of the article. The final published draft is horrendous. Feel free to  check out the magazine and read for yourself how horribly written the  additions are. This is very hurtful..

"The Evolution of Fusion..." Zaghareet! Magazine, January 2008


A Royal Experience (EOP Newsletter Fall 2007)

Article on my experience in the Salakayan Festival in the Philippines. Not the  best writing, but it was nice to reflect on the time I spent there.  My dad, when he was here in the flesh and rooting for my literary dreams, commented that I shouldn’t share this with anyone who traveled with me (particularly my hosts). I did NOT choose the title for this article. “A Royal Experience” was the editor’s choice, not mine. I was asked to write this article about my  experiences in the Philippines and tie in CSULB and the EOP program - I  had a page to do it, and this is what happened:

CSULB EOP Newsletter, Fall 2007 (pdf of newsletter)

Original Write-Up for Article (word document one-pager)


“Kentucky-Fried Perv” (OCWeekly 12.13.13)

This concoction was mixed and shaken with half irritation and half mischievousness.  True story.  He did spit on me... And so this not-so-anonymous-now letter found it’s way onto the “Hey You!” section of this weekly publication.  I feel bad, and yet I don’t.  I know this guy doesn’t read much - his diction (no pun intended) would’ve been much better.

Hey You! Charro Chicken Guy  OCWEEKLY 12.13 to 12.19 2013 (click to view)




Visit my “Little Musings” blog here to read what’s going on with the dog and the dancer:




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