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Tehani’s Little Reiki School at the Beach

Healing Sessions, Readings, Spiritual Counseling & Reiki Training/Certification

“Mission accomplished... I feel my words are an injustice to the reality of her work - it can’t be described, it has to be felt... a pure genuine person who wants to help.  Responding to her on this website changed my life.” ~Paul T.

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“What an amazing spirit and  intuitive healer. I am looking forward to another session in the future, had helped set me on my healing path. Thank you, Tehani!” ~Emily M.


Reiki & Intuitive Healing/Reading Sessions with Reiki Master Tehani

One Hour Reiki Healing Session: $99*

One Hour Spiritual Counseling Session: $77**

30 Minute Intuitive Animal Medicine Card/Channeled Info Reading: $44**

15 Minute Intuitive Animal Medicine Card/ Channeled Info Reading: $22**

*$15 Discount Available for Seniors, Students & Clients with Cancer/Chronic Conditions.

**All sessions that do not include a full Reiki healing session are also available via Skype and always receive intentional Reiki energy following their readings. 


Become Certified as a Reiki Practitioner!

Certification in Levels I (practitioner), II (advanced practitioner) and III (mastership) Available.

Please call 562.230.9194 to schedule an individual or small group course. 


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a non-invasive healing modality that can be used to heal the root cause of symptoms for all ailments* as well as balance chakras and cleanse the aura while reducing pain and discomfort on all levels. Receivers of Reiki are given a “boost” in spiritual growth.

Emotional/mental healing can be attained as well through affirmations and power symbols used by an advanced level practitioner.

Reiki, much like Tai Chi, is a vehicle for Universal Energy to gently enter the body and intuitively be applied where needed for holistic well-being.

*In Western medicine, symptoms are often treated without acknowledging the root of the ailment. In Reiki, healing (which is the alleviation of pain and dis-ease) involves sending energy to the source of the ailment - not necessarily curing, though both healing and curing (in the Western sense) occurs in some cases.


About Reiki Master Tehani

Tehani is a Reiki Master-Teacher (a traditional “Reiki Master” under the Usui method) in the direct lineage of Dr. Usui, the original Grand Master of Reiki.  She studied under Reiki Master Alexandra Juliani at the American Reiki Academy as well as Sanskrit mantra and meditation through the Vedic Healing Institute with both Juliani and Professor Sasi of India. 

Her spiritual practice is non-denominational and includes international/multicultural aspects of Earth-based ritual, mysticism, shamanism, animism and various forms of spiritual dance.  Tehani is a “Mystic Star” (wise one and starseed) and has traveled the world (over 11 countries) studying the cross-cultural link between spirituality and dance movement/ritual.  She is a natural-born empath, clairvoyant and clairsentient. 

Tehani brings her cross-cultural understanding of universal compassion and humanity to all of her teachings and practice.  She teaches traditional Usui Method Reiki, but incorporates the study of plant-based nutrition, shamanic transmutation, movement therapy, mediumship, spiritual dance and crystals into her healing practice as a Reiki Master. 


Why Get a Reiki Healing?

-Alleviate Pain and Discomfort

-Release Energy Blocks

-Receive Emotional or Mental Healing

-Spiritual Acceleration

-Relax and Reduce Stress

-Feel Balanced and Rejuvenated

-Balance Your Energy

-Help in Overcoming Stressful Life Situations through Affirmations


Spirit Dance

Please visit the Spirit Dance page under the “Projects” link on this site. 


Would I Have to Drive Far for a Session?

Absolutely not! If it’s too inconvenient to drive out to Long Beach, I’ll come to you! I’m portable and so is my massage table - all you would need is a quiet peaceful space in your home for a session and the rest will be provided. For locations outside of a 15-mile radius from Long Beach, a minimal $15 gas fee is required.



“Tehani helped my understanding of Oneness through Reiki...I became a Reiki Level I Practitioner in two sessions.  She is amazing - super friendly, caring, self-ware, loving, full of worldly knowledge/wisdom and shares her stories in her teachings.  She is always available to talk whenever needed and is flexible with her classes and wants everyone to be included that wants to be included.  I highliy recommend Tehani’s Reiki School.”  ~Erika Y.


“She is amazing!” ~Kenneth B.


*All DancingTehani Entertainment, Programs, Events & Classes are COMPLETELY Insured*          Dancing Tehani.com  P.O. Box 15653  Long Beach, CA 90815  DancingTehani@gmail.com                            LAST UPDATE:09/29/14