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“The wonder of Tehani’s performances is that it they are so multi-faceted and, often, deeply moving. There is a depth, resonance, and rich complexity to her work.  Between a few dances during a performance she can move from stirring sensuality to transporting spirituality and, at times, there is a graceful fusion of the two. She always stays true to herself and her roots and, while she obviously has a seriousness of purpose, there is an undeniable whimsicality and joy that underlines her performances. Every time she goes out and lights up a room with her dance, she, like all terrific artists, helps illuminate the unlimited possibilities of beauty and freedom”.

~ Ken Capobianco, Freelance Writer for the Boston Globe


“...she impressed me not only for the high quality of her performances, but also for her intelligence, seriousness, enthusiasm and knowledge of her art.  Tehani is one of those rare performers who is simultaneously an excellent dancer and a scholar.  Her commitment is such, that she has lived and studied in the places we her dances originated... As if all this weren’t enough, Ms. Sarreal writes very well... I endorse her strongly and without reservations”.

~ Gregorio Luke, ARCoS President/Founder & Former Executive Director of the Museum of Latin American Art (MoLAA)


“Jennifer Tehani Sarreal is truly dedicated not only to her dancing profession, but also to the humanities in general. She has traveled abroad… and has brought back a wealth of cultural knowledge that only adds richness to her dance repertoire… She involves herself in numerous endeavors and seeks creativity and loving kindness whenever and wherever she performs. She has truly been an asset to our Center and the university, but continues to be for the community at large”.

~ Cynthia Schultheis, Assistant Director, CSULB Multicultural Center


“Tehani is so very passionate about her work and carefully tailors my sessions to my specific needs.  She is extremely professional and her warmth immediately placed me at ease even while she was assessing my needs via telephone.  As a teacher, she is well-rounded in her experience and draws from a multicultural perspective that fully enriches the process which is exactly what I was seeking . Tehani’s insight is phenomenal and her compassion toward me as a student allows me to feel empowered about the journey that I’m on”.

~ Dania S., Licensed Clinical Social Worker


“Tehani is a dynamic channel for healing.  She is centered in Love... She is extremely intuitive, insightful, skilled, wise and an excellent instructor.  I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from such a Reiki Master.  Thank you”. 

~ Curtis Robertson Jr., Professional Musician & Registered Nurse 


“Dancing with Tehani is an experience you will thoroughly enjoy - spiritually as well as physically.  Her instruction is fun, informative and soul-evolving.  Love love love it!  Give it a try”.

~ Jen McKee, Owner at San Pedro Wellness Center


“Thank you so much for your performance at our Paddle Out to Sink the Breakwater event.  We appreciated everything about your efforts,  from being easy to contract with, to being flexible with our sound people, and being flexible with scheduling.  All of that was super easy.  Also we thought it was cool that your performance included so many different  styles.  You were very professional and we appreciated it.  We'll  definitely contact you for future events and recommend your services to  other organizations and events”.

~ Seamus Ian Innes, P.E., Long Beach Chapter of the SurfRider Foundation


“…a beautiful girl and a beautiful dancer… always radiant in idealism and love. That is why I saw [the] show twice! [Her] show at Awakenings had everything good art should have- pathos, sensuality, humor, a sense of cultural lineage, new invention and grace; carefully blended and balanced to serve up a kinetic cocktail conquering but still complimentary to everything else served that night at that cute coffee house! All I can say is when you dance I get goose bumps!”

~ Zoot Velasco, Executive Director, Muckenthaler Cultural Center


“Jennifer Tehani Sarreal has taught dance to the children in our program for several years. She is exceptional in getting the children focused and inspired to do their best. She is a dedicated professional that brings to her students, through dance instruction, experience that expands their capabilities for creativity and an appreciation for the arts. Her workshop empowers and ignites students to discover aesthetic awareness and self-confidence”.

~ Frank McKendall, Executive Director, Stone Soup Child Care Programs


“I watched Jennifer ‘Tehani’ Sarreal give a fun, engaging and educational dance performance at the Alondra Library for an audience of kids of all ages as well as a wide age range of adults. Her knowledge of various Pacific cultures was impressive and her dancing wonderful. She’s all that and a bag of blue corn chips!”

~Michael D. McCarty, Professional Storyteller


“I really appreciated the extra time and effort Tehani took to make this [dance] experience as positive and rewarding as possible for me and my class. . . I was also impressed with her energy, enthusiasm and ability to command attention from 25 excited kindergartners.  Her leadership and management skills were highly evident and her genuine concern to take the extra steps to insure our experience was both positive and rewarding was greatly appreciated”.

~ Mike Collier, Kindergarten Teacher, Mayo Elementary -Compton Unified School District


"With eloquent writing and lively performances filled with compassion and humanity, Tehani's work never ceases to touch lives with love and understanding. A remarkable young woman, through Artists for Action, she has impacted her community with messages of peace and beauty".

~ Marguerite Kusuhara, Anthropologist & Professional Performer



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